Bylaws & Rules

Approved bylaws:

This document is the most recent, approved bylaws:

NCA PUBLIC RELATIONS Division Bylaws Approved 112011

Changes to bylaws were discussed and approved at the November 2013 meeting:

Change the division’s bylaw that allows for the option of conducting our officers and committee members’ elections via an online platform.

I (Michael Palenchar) recommend this for several reasons: (1) simplifies and professionalizes the business meeting process, (2) will save considerable time at the business meeting for more important discussions or just ending the business meeting sooner, (3) this is the trend of national association voting, (4) the NCA has moved in this direction and there is no NCA restriction against this process, (5) it allows all division members to participate in the vote and not just those that are in attendance, and (6) it allows the opportunity for candidates to be elected on merit because a background and description of candidates can be provided online to educate our member voters prior to selecting their choices. I am only suggesting to make it an option, not a requirement. See the Proposed new NCA PUBLIC RELATIONS Division Bylaw Revisions 11-2013 (Word file).

NCA PUBLIC RELATIONS Division Bylaws – Approved 11-2011 (Word file)

NCA PRD Statement of Principles for Reviewing – 2011 FINAL CORRECTED


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