Past Boards & Minutes


Chair: Erich Sommerfeldt
Immediate Past Chair: Michael Kent
Vice-Chair: Karen Freberg
Vice-Chair Elect: Aimei Yang
Research Chair: Denise Ferguson
Selection Committee: Beth Avery Foster, Nancy Wiencek
Secretary: Sarah VanSlette
Web site editor: Paul Scovell
PRIDE Committee: Laura Young, Stephanie Madden, Petra Theuniessen, Nancy A. Wiencek
Nominating Committee: Ken Corbit, Susan Houts

Minutes from the 2016 Business Meeting


Chair: Michael Kent
Immediate Past Chair:
 Damion Waymer
 Erich Sommerfeldt
Vice-Chair Elect:
 Karen Freberg
Research Chair:
 Denise Ferguson
Selection Committee: Yuan Wang and Nancy A. Wiencek
 Sarah VanSlette
Web site editor: Paul Scovell
PRIDE Committee: Lisa Chewning,  Adam Saffer, Natalie T. J. Tindall, Nur Uysal
Nominating Committee:
Rebekah Watson Gaidis and Ashli Q. Stokes

Minutes from the 2015 Business Meeting


Chair: Damion Waymer
Immediate Past Chair: Shari R. Veil
Vice-Chair: Michael Kent
Vice-Chair Elect: Erich Sommerfeldt
Secretary: Angie Corbo
Webmaster:  Rod Carveth (elected, never served)
PRIDE Committee: Sarah VanSlette, Nancy A. Wiencek, Jon Ross, and Adam Saffer
Nominating Committee: Paul Scovell and Rebekah Watson Gaidis

Minutes from the  2014 Business Meeting


Chair: Shari Veil
Immediate Past Chair: Michael Palenchar
Vice-Chair: Damion Waymer
Vice-Chair Elect: Michael Kent
Research Chair: Maureen Taylor
Secretary: Angie Corbo
Web site editor: Mihaela Vorvoreanu
PRIDE Committee: Michael Palenchar, Denise Ferguson, Abbey Levenshas, Jonathan Ross, and Karen Freberg
Nominating Committee: Sarah VanSlette and Paul Scovell

Minutes: 2013 meeting


Chair: Michael Palenchar
Immediate Past Chair: Brigitta Brunner
Vice-Chair: Shari Veil
Vice-Chair Elect: Damion Waymer
Research Chair: Maureen Taylor
Secretary:  Angela Corbo
Web site editor: Mihaela Vorvoreanu
PRIDE Committee: Rebecca Hayes, Jeannetta Sims, Shannon Bowen, Tatjana Hocke
Nominating Committee:  Sarah VanSlette, Amber Hutchins

Minutes: 2012 meeting

For discussion at the 2012 meeting: NCA PUBLIC RELATIONS Division Bylaw Revisions UPDATED September 2012


Chair: Brigitta Brunner
Immediate Past Chair: Katerina Tsetsura
Vice-Chair: Michael Palenchar
Vice-Chair Elect: Shari Veil
Research Chair: Maureen Taylor
Secretary:  Beth Eschenfelder
Web site editor: Mihaela Vorvoreanu
PRIDE Committee: Denise Ferguson, Sheila McAllister-Spooner, Erich Sommerfeldt, Jeanetta Sims
Nominating Committee:  Nilanjana Bardhan,  Ashli Stokes

Minutes: November 2012 business meeting minutes.pdf


Chair: Katerina Tsetsura
Immediate Past Chair: Susan Waters
Vice-Chair: Brigitta Brunner
Vice-Chair Elect: Michael Palenchar
Secretary:  Beth Eschenfelder
Web site editor: Mihaela Vorvoreanu
PRIDE Committee: Rebecca Hayes, Corey Hickerson, Sheila McAllister-Spooner, Damion Waymer
Nominating Committee:  Nilanjana Bardhan, Suzanne Boys, Ashli Stokes

Minutes: November 2011 meeting – pdf

2011 NCA Public Relations Division business meeting presentation by Chair


Chair: Susan Waters
Immediate Past Chair: Michael Smith
Vice-Chair: Katerina Tsetsura
Vice-Chair Elect: Brigitta Brunner
Secretary:  Beth Eschenfelder
Web site editor: Mihaela Vorvoreanu
PRIDE Committee: Suzanne Boys, Sheila McAllister-Spooner ,  Shari Veil. Chair: Michael Smith
Nominating Committee:  Corey A. Hickerson

Minutes: November 2010 meeting


Chair: Michael Smith
Immediate Past Chair: Denise Ferguson
Vice-Chair:Susan Waters
Vice-Chair Elect: Katerina Tsetsura
Secretary: Brigitta Brunner
Web site editor: Mihaela Vorvoreanu
PRIDE Committee: Michelle O’Malley, Sheila McAllister-Spooner , Jeong-Nam Kim, Jae-Hwa Shin. Chair: Denise Ferguson
Nominating Committee: Michael Palenchar, Corey A. Hickerson

Minutes: November 2009 meeting


Chair: Denise Ferguson
Immediate Past Chair: Michael Kent
Vice-Chair: Michael Smith
Vice-Chair Elect: Susan Waters
Secretary: Brigitta Brunner
Web site editor: Mihaela Vorvoreanu
PRIDE Committee: Michael Palenchar, John Fisher, Chiara Valentini, Jae-Hwa Shin. Chair: Michael Kent
Nominating Committee: Chuck Lubbers, Corey A. Hickerson

Minutes: November 2008 meeting


Chair: Michael Kent
Immediate Past Chair: Maureen Taylor
Vice-Chair: Denise Ferguson
Vice-Chair Elect: Michael Smith
Secretary: Brigitta Brunner
Web site editor: Mihaela Vorvoreanu
PRIDE Committee: Mihaela Vorvoreanu,Katerina Tsetsura, Debra Worley and Michael Palenchar. Chair: Maureen Taylor
Nominating Committee: Nilanjana Bardhan and Corey Hickerson

Minutes: November 2007 meeting


Chair: Maureen Taylor
Immediate Past Chair: Tim Coombs
Vice-Chair: Michael Kent
Vice-Chair Elect: Denise Ferguson
Secretary: Nilanjana Bardhan
Web site editor: Mihaela Vorvoreanu
PRIDE Committee: Mihaela Vorvoreanu, Bonita Dostal Neff, Michael Smith and Katerina Tsetsura
Nominating Committee: Brigitta Brunner and Josh Boyd

Minutes: November 2006 meeting

Older Minutes:

2005 – 2004 – 2003200220012000


The Public Relations Division began in 1989 as the Committee on Public Relations. That year, the planner was Bonita Dostal-Neff. In 1994, public relations appears as a division in the NCA Convention Call for Papers. According to past NCA programs, the chairs of the division have been:

2007-08 – Denise Ferguson, Indiana Wesleyan University
2006-07 – Michael L. Kent, Western Michigan University
2005-06 – Maureen Taylor, Western Michigan University
2004-05 – W. Timothy Coombs, Eastern Illinois University
2003-04 – Theresa Russell-Loretz, Millersville University
2002-03 – Debra A. Worley, Indiana State University
2001-02 – Rachel L. Holloway, Virginia Tech University
2000-01 – Charles Lubbers, Kansas State University
1999-00 – Greg Leichty, University of Louisville
1998-99 – Jeff K. Springston, University of Georgia
1997-98 – W. Timothy Coombs, Illinois State University
1996-97– Dan P. Millar, Indiana State University
1995-96 – Robert L. Heath, University of Houston
1994-95 – Laura C. Perkins, Southern Illinois University
1993-94 – Dean Kruckeberg, University of Northern Iowa

Many thanks to Jennifer Peltak from NCA and to attendees of the 2007 Business Meeting for providing this information.