The NCA Public Relations Division provides an environment for public relations scholars and practitioners, as well as students, to explore how communication influences the organization–stakeholder relationship. This division welcomes research from diverse communication-based disciplinary areas and embraces a range of research methodologies, theoretical foundations, and topic areas.

The Public Relations Division promotes research, teaching, service, and ethical practice of public relations as public relations seeks to build and maintain beneficial relationships among organizations and stakeholders.

Public relations best practices that are grounded in theory are essential in the 21st century in which communication technology has created a globalized world that is bringing people and organizations closer to one another while paradoxically creating tensions resulting from this increasing proximity.

2021-2022 Officers

Chair: Angie Corbo, Widener University
Immediate Past Chair: Anna Klyueva, University of Houston-Clear Lake
Vice-Chair: Chelsea Woods, Virginia Tech University
Vice-Chair Elect: Laura Lemon, University of Alabama
Research Chair: Tyler Page, University of Connecticut
Secretary: Lisa Chewning, Penn State University – Abington
Web site editor: Alexandra Merceron, Columbia University & Anna Klyueva, University of Houston-Clear Lake

Selection Committee

Kay Beckermann, Minnesota State University-Moorhead
Sifan Xu, University of Tennessee

PRIDE Committee

Anna Klyueva, University of Houston-Clear Lake
Luke Capizzo, James Madison University
Josh Bramlett, Eastern New Mexico University
Brandon Boatwright, Clemson University
Gayle Pohl, University of Northern Iowa

Nominating Committee

Prisca Ngondo, Texas State University
Jordan Morehouse, Clemson University

Social Media Committee

Alvin Zhou, University of Pennslyvania
Karen Freberg, Louisville University
Anna Kochigina, University of Tennessee

Fundraising/Social Events Committee

Lisa Chewning, Penn State University – Abington
Damion Waymer, University of Alabama
Nneka Logan, Virginia Tech University

2021 PRD Business Meeting & Social

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Open Letter to PRD

As current officers of the NCA Public Relations Division, we want to affirm our division’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.… read more.

PR Journals

List of journals where public relations research is published… read more.

Statement on Anti-Asian Racism

NCA Public Relations Division stands in solidarity with our Asian American colleagues, friends, and family… read more.

“Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics” PRSA